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    Dr. Raymond Goh is an Australian-certified Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has been trained in Australia and abroad in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. He is an active member of FRACS, ASPS and ASAPS. Dr Goh delivers experience and expertise with a vast array of cosmetic procedures. This website focuses predominantly on breast enhancement procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, as well as revision breast surgery.

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Breast Implants Brisbane

Breast augmentation can be a wonderful procedure that can be life changing in improving appearance and boosting self-confidence. There is a continuum of science in the art of breast enhancement and since no two patients are exactly the same, breast augmentation has to be custom-tailored to the individual. The aim is to deliver a natural, long-lasting result, with priority given to safety, patient care, and minimization of downtime in recovery.

The first step toward getting the best breast enhancement result for you is to arrange a comprehensive consultation with Dr Goh and his team at Valley Plastic Surgery. Dr Goh is an Australian trained Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has vast experience in the wide array of breast enhancement techniques and implants. You consultation will include discussion with Dr Goh about the result you are wishing to achieve, examination, trying on various implant sizes, and finally, formulating a surgical plan. During the consultation, Dr Goh can also showcase plenty of relevant examples of before -and-after photographs that may help with your understanding.

The cost of an initial consultation is $180. A medicare rebate is attainable if you have a referral. Discussion and examination with Dr Goh is followed by a meeting with our clinic nurse to take pre-operative photographs, garment measurements, and to discuss post-operative care. If you wish to see Dr Goh again for a second consultation, whether that be to ask further questions, try on different implant sizes, or just to clarify any uncertainties that you may have, this will be free of charge. Dr Goh wants his patients to be fully confident, assured, and informed going into their breast enhancement surgery.

Which Is The Best Type of Implants For Me

Choosing the Best Type of Implants For Me
The process of deciding on which breast implant type would be best for your body type is important, but can often be daunting and confusing. Poorer quality implants that have been the focus of media attention, together with the fact that implants are available in a wide variety of styles and forms doesn’t make the decision any easier to make. This is the best time to rely on the expertise, knowledge, and experience of your surgeon. Choosing between silicone or saline implants is only the beginning of your decision making process. There is also the option of selecting textured or smooth, and round or anatomical (tear-shaped) implants. The basis for any of these decisions is to choose what will be best for you and your situation.

Implants come in round or anatomical shapes. Implants are also produced in various types of covering or shells. It can be smooth, textured, or even polyurethane. Each shell texture type carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Different shells are often indicated in different situations. For example, a textured implant may be selected when placing the implant subglandular in order to reduce the risk of developing capsular contracture. Your surgeon will determine which implant type is best for your needs.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Silicone Gel Breast Implants
Technology behind silicone breast implants have improved vastly over the past few years. The current range of silicone breast implants are known as cohesive gel implants. These implants can come in round or anatomical shapes and the outer shell can be either textured or smooth.

There are various levels of softness and firmness (known as cohesivity) of implants. Smooth shelled implants are composed of a less cohesive softer gel that will gives a more natural softer feel whilst a textured implant, which is usually composed of a more cohesive gel, presents a firmer yet still feminine appearance. Aside from a few specific clinical indications, it often will come down to an individual’s personal preference after seeing and feeling the implant for themselves.

 Saline Breast Implants 

Saline Breast Implants
Saline breasts implants are no longer popular or the choice of implants in cosmetic breast enhancements today, given the safety and excellent results produced by silicone implants. Saline implants are not prefilled and will be filled during the surgical procedure. Sterile saline is injected into the shell via a injection tube.

 How to Select the Appropriate Profile 

How to Select the Appropriate Profile
The appearance of your breasts are greatly influenced by the profile and dimensions of the breast implants you and your surgeon select. In general, for each patient, there is a selection, or range, of implants that will safely accommodate your body to produce an optimal and natural cosmetic result. The important factor that is determined pre-operatively is your breast base dimension. This measurement will determine the implant base dimension that will best fit your body. After we have decided on the base dimension of the implant that best suits you, If we wish to have more or less volume, this can be achieved through selecting the appropriate profile implant. That is, for a particular base dimension of implant, we can choose a higher profile in order to achieve a greater volume of enhancement.
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As you’ve read or otherwise come to realize, there are a wide variety of factors to consider when selecting the breast implants that will work best for you. You can reduce the confusion and improve your understanding by consulting with Dr Goh, an expert and highly qualified Brisbane surgeon to identify and explain your options in greater detail.

Don’t wait any longer to contact Dr Raymond Goh’s Breast Implant Brisbane office and get more information on which procedure and breast implants would best suit you, and to get you started on the right path to breast implant surgery.