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Breast Lift Brisbane

Sagging breasts (ptosis) that have no buoyancy or shape can be unattractive and make a woman feel less feminine, especially if they once had full, attractive breasts. Reasons why breasts loose their volume and shape can be multiple. Weight loss, breast feeding, and generalized aging are all causes that can contribute to breasts loosing their volume and developing loose stretchy skin.

Saggy breasts where the nipple and most of the gland remains above the inframammary fold may still be correctable with implant alone if the main problem is volume deficiency. If the nipple location is below the inframammary fold and most of the breast tissue is similarly below the fold, then correction can only be achieved through a breast lift, otherwise known as a mastopexy. An implant alone in such a situation may likely result in an unpleasing result.

A breast lift restores the shape of the breasts and the position of the nipple, and improve the firmness of the breasts tissue and skin.

Pre-existing Health Conditions Prior to the Surgery

It is important that candidates who are preparing to undergo breast lift surgery are in good health, and make known to their surgeon any existing medical conditions. If the patient smokes, then it is vital that smoking be stopped at least 6 weeks prior to surgery, and also after surgery. In a breast lift procedure, blood supply to the nipple can be compromised in smokers due to the nicotine’s narrowing effect on blood vessels.

If the patient plans to loose more weight, to have more children, or to breastfeed in the future, then consideration should be given to deferring the breast lift procedure until the state of the patient’s breast shape and size has stabilized. The patient must also be aware that even after a breast lift, their breasts will resume their aging process and, depending on the integrity of the breast glandular tissue and skin, may eventually become ptotic again.

Procedural Techniques

After a physical examination of the condition of the breasts, including the position of the nipple and any pre-existing asymmetries, the surgeon can then determine the best technique to restore shape to the breast. There are a variety of techniques at the disposal of the surgeon; however, they all aim to achieve the same goal of tightening the breast glandular tissue, removing excess loose skin, and re-positioning the nipple.

The degree of sagging will determine where skin will be removed, and therefore the resultant scar. An inevitable part of any mastopexy is scarring. The patient preparing to undergo a mastopexy has to accept that achieving a better breast shape will come at the expense of scarring. Most scarring however will fade away to become less obvious and thus, in general, scarring becomes a small trade-off for restoring breast shape. The scar may be just around the nipple areola, but may also extend down from the nipple to the breast crease, and in some circumstances, along the breast crease (inframammary fold).

Excess Skin Removal

Once the excess breast skin is removed, the nipple areola complex is re-positioned to the desired position on the breasts. The breast glandular tissue is tightened, and the remaining breast skin is pulled together to create a nice contoured breast shape. Only dissolving sutures are used in the majority of cases. Surgical tape is applied to the wounds and a compression garment is often used. The patient must be aware that the immediate breast appearance after a mastopexy will appear tight and will take a few weeks to settle into their eventual shape as the wounds heal and the breast tissue softens.

Simultaneous Performance of a Breast Lift and Augmentation

There are times when a lift is performed in conjunction with an augmentation (implant). This procedure, known as an augmentation mastopexy, addresses both correction of volume deficiency as well as restoring breast shape, and is indicated when the patient desires a greater breast size in addition to correcting her ptosis. Adding volume in addition to a mastopexy in someone who is very volume depleted helps to create a  more natural feel and appearance to their breasts.

Breast lifts and augmentation mastopexies are in general performed on a day surgery basis. In certain circumstances such as revision surgery, an overnight stay may be considered. There are also circumstances whereby mastopexies and revision surgery after complication of implants may attract medicare and private health insurance benefits.

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