Breast Implants Prices

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Breast Implants Prices

The cost of an initial consultation is $180. A medicare rebate is attainable if you have a referral. The consultation can be scheduled at a time and date suitable for you and will usually take up to an hour. Discussion and examination with Dr Goh is followed by a meeting with our clinic nurse to take pre-operative photographs, record garment measurements, and to discuss post-operative care. If you wish to see Dr Goh again for a second consultation, whether that be to ask further questions, try on different implant sizes, or just to clarify any uncertainties that you may have, this will be free of charge. Dr Goh wants his patients to be fully confident, assured, and informed going into their breast enhancement surgery.

Prior to your consultation, you may wish to forward to Dr Goh’s office a photograph to assess so that we may be able to give a general opinion as to what procedure you may require.

The total cost of breast augmentation surgery ranges from approximately $A8000 to $A10000, depending on the implant type used. This cost includes the surgeon’s cost, specialist anaesthetist, hospital facility, implants, and all post surgical follow up visits. All breast augmentation procedures are performed under a general anaesthetic, and the above quote is based on the procedure been performed at an accredited day surgery facility. Anatomical (tear-shaped) and textured implants are generally more expensive than smooth-surfaced round implants. Dr Goh only uses only the best implants from companies of solid reputation.

There may be other costs involved such as for medications, compression garments, and pre-operative tests. The cost of the procedure may also change if you require more than just a breast augmentation. This includes breast lifts (mastopexy) and revision surgery. A more accurate quote will be given to you after your initial consultation. Remember that certain procedures such as breast reduction, mastopexy for certain situations, equalization of asymmetrical breasts, and revision surgery for complications of breast implants may attract medicare and private health insurance benefits.

We do not provide in-house finance for surgical procedures; however, many of our patients get finance through third party providers. You can contact them directly for further information.



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