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Rhinoplasty Brisbane

A misaligned or asymmetrical noes is usually easily repaired using a method known as rhinoplasty. This process is done to alter a nose tip or to redefine the nostrils. Surgeons advocate that one of the most requested and highest performed cosmetic procedures is the rhinoplasty procedure.

Most of the success or demand for this procedure is usually due to the acceleration in self-esteem that many people acquire following the corrective procedure.

The rhinoplasty procedure is presented in various forms and the different forms usually require a different approach.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

This form of rhinoplasty is typically performed on individuals who are dissatisfied with the nose size they currently have and believe that it doesn’t blend well with the structure of their face. The bump of the nose bridge is typically the area of focus as well as the widened nostril and sometimes the width of the bridge tip also. The process typically begins with a consultation to identify the problem areas and to discuss the details of what corrections will be made during the surgery. Computer simulation is a tool that the surgeon utilizes to allow you a visual perspective of what the nose will appear like following the surgery.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

This procedure is quite common when the dimensions of the nose need to be greater than they currently are. A severely underdeveloped nose will benefit greatly from this procedure. Injuries that result in a compromise of the cartilage are best approached with this type of surgery. This is also a technique of corrective surgery for prior liposuction procedures that may not have ended with the expected results.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

There is a bit of confusion associated with this type of rhinoplasty. In essence, all rhinoplasty procedures are centered on the ethnicity structure of the span of the nostril. This procedure will produce greater results when done on ethnic populations that possess gentle contours of the nasal. This is affordable to Caribbean descents and Pacific Rim cultures as well. Precise detail is directed towards the definitive presentations of the nose shape. This is especially applicable to the nasal tip and bridge of the nose. The surgeon is skilled in helping to target the changes to be expected with the surgery. Cartilage can be used in combination with implants during the procedure as well.

A nose injury does not only feel horrible, it looks awful as well. Several nose injuries end in broken bones or a loss of cartilage also. This can dramatically change the appearance the nose has and makes it seem somewhat disproportioned. Rhinoplasty procedures that are performed on injured noses are usually great to correct the effects that the injury has on the nose. These results are usually noticeable within ten days of the injury if rhinoplasty is immediately performed. If there has been an injury, you can expect the procedure to be a bit more painful than one done when there is no complex damage done to the nose. This has proven to be a very safe process and the nose typically returns to its original form.

Nose surgery is a great platform for the different types of rhinoplasty. Surgeons will have expert knowledge of the procedure that will be best for your nose job needs.

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